SatOne – almost close.yesterday

SatOne – almost close.yesterday

SatOne – almost close.yesterday
1st of April 2017 – 31st of May 2017
art is just a four letter word gallery
Markt 6, 59494 Soest

The studio is laboratory and experimental field; here Gerlach can develop painting as a language of which the quality rises with its thesaurus. This language now turns away from concreteness, which Gerlach describes as liberating. Continuing the idea of impressionism to show objects not in a photorealistic way, but to capture their impression, he expurgates his compositions of colour from figurative depictions and leaves the interpretation to the sentimental value and sensation of the viewer, only guiding it by atmosphere. For example, the idea of flavour would be more important than the outer appearance of its carrier.

Occupying himself with the colour effect on the subconscious mind of the viewer Gerlach distances himself from the exclusive privilege of interpretation; it is crucial that the viewer creates an own history from the picture and the sum of his own experiences. In contrast to the dominant graffiti writings his works are rather to be considered as question marks than exclamation marks and inevitably open up a wider range of understanding. Finally, they have a longer lasting effect and stimulate the viewer to deal with them. This process of impact and development is also reflected in the exhibition’s title:

almost close. yesterday outlines a feeling Gerlach has in the short state of satisfaction, which comes with the inspection of the achieved results of work, but at the same time is blended with the awareness that this satisfaction may be vanished the next day. In turn, the reflexion on that creates another state of satisfaction as it leads to the conclusion that only through dissatisfaction new results and aims can be achieved. This productive spiral force is fuel for his artistic power of creation.

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