Markus Genesius – CONQUER NEW SPACES

Markus Genesius – CONQUER NEW SPACES

Markus Genesius – CONQUER NEW SPACES
14th of April 2018 – 2nd of June 2018
art is just a four letter word Gallery
Markt 6, 59494 Soest

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This year marks the 30th anniversary of Markus WOW123 Genesius’ active graffiti career.  Since 1988, Genesius is an important part of the international graffiti scene and since today, he hasn’t lost his power of pushing his graffiti forward. With his very own style, he influenced following writer generations and painted uncountable walls all over the world. Against the predominant rules of the graffiti movement in the early 90’s, WOW123 didn’t just experimented with typography – he was one of the first writers who mixed classical style writing with photorealistic image content and three-dimensional lettering. That is why Markus Genesius can truly be seen as an inspiration for many writers until today.

2010, Genesius settled down in an artist community in his hometown Bremen and experiments with new materials and artistic procedures since then. Just adapting his internationally well-known graffiti vocabulary onto the limited shape of a canvas, wasn’t the artistic idea he had for himself and his art. During his latest creative progress, he worked with one symbol, which soon became his signature motive: the German TV test picture, which was used until the beginning of the 90’s for send pauses during the nights. It is one of the most famous colour test pictures worldwide and Markus Genesius took control over this abstract composition of lines and colour fields. For this year’s exhibition Conquer New Spaces at the art is just a four letter word gallery in Soest, the artworks getting even more difficile and more technical. Genesius combines lines to cubes, creates deep levels and architectural dimensions. The newborn term of Graffuturism can perfectly adapt to Genesius’ artworks, as the artist transforms his urban roots onto the canvas in futuristic entities. With the use of his graffiti vocabulary and the obvious work with spray paint, the artist never lost contact to his artistic background and every artwork today builds up on his artistic history. He followed up on it and developed it for the future. By questioning himself and his art constantly, he always reinvents his work and that is why the viewer can look forward to another exciting exhibition.

The show Conquer New Spaces starts in presence of the artist at the 14th of April 2018 at 7pm (Markt 6, 59494 Soest). For more information please write us on or call +49 202 2651413.

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