Group Exhibition – DAILY NEWS

Group Exhibition – DAILY NEWS

Group Exhibition – DAILY NEWS
1st of September 2018 – 27th of October 2018
art is just a four letter word gallery
Markt 6, 59494 Soest


Press Kit – Daily News

Many artists take their inspiration out of their daily life. This can be their personal daily surroundings, global or political activities, familiar happenings or feelings we all have to deal with on a daily basis. All these aspects, and many more, incorporate as an autobiographic narrative within the general work of the participating artists of this exhibition. A further common aspect is, that all of them processes these influences in figurative artworks and thus, they open up a straight access to their very own ‘Daily News’. With this artistic approach, all participants established themselves within the international urban art scene and beyond. Each of them connects a long-lasting partnership with art is just a four gallery as well, as everyone was already shown at the gallery space in Soest before.

Rookie The Weird and Cone The Weird for example are members of the well-known German-Austrian THE WEIRD Crew, of which several members already exhibited in Soest. With a common narrative-fictive content, both nevertheless found utterly different ways to visualize their artistic stories. Cone for example creates fine monochrome drawings, in which he mostly places his own figure into detailed dream worlds. His works are very sensitive and reveal intimate thoughts of the artists. Although self-portraits aren’t rare within Rookies oeuvre neither, he however creates more surrealistic snapshots of people and animals, which he brings to life with coarser, powerful brush strokes and lots of witty irony. Compared to them, David Radon – who is a well-known writer of the graffiti scene in Dortmund – developed an even more forthright and critical language within his intermediate work. Especially in his elaborate installations, he targets global political and social problems, whereby his personal point of view is always distinctive.

The artists Collin van der Sluijs and Alëxone Dizac strike more melancholic notes. Former comes from the south of the Netherlands and addresses his daily surroundings within his work, though incorporates the content in collagen-like, smoothly painted acrylic artworks. At first glance, his paintings may appear as romantic, surrealistic pictorial works, which focuses mostly on our ecosystem. But if you look closer, you can see that van der Sluijs deals with daily problems of our social life in general in an undertone of ruthlessness – be it a personal or global concern. The Parisian artist Alëxone tells his own life stories with illustrative mythical creatures. Therefore, he bends and twists the intertwined limbs of the creatures and embeds them in dynamic fantasy worlds, which are highlighted in powerful, coloured backgrounds. Within this fairy-tale confusion of detailed branches, observers can work out Alëxone’s daily happenings, which he tells in a humorous and tenderly way. In comparison, the Dutch artist Super A found again a straighter language for his artistic approach.  Well-known for his oil paintings in the style of the old Dutch masters with fictive and non-fictional image content, Super A deals with diverse current topics. From the interwoven dependencies of politic and economy to war situations or environmental pollution, to the complexity of human-beings. Super A breaks up these interactions, which are often hard to understand as an external observer, with ingenious clarity and irony, so that the viewer remains surprised and fascinated.

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