MOST – Hip to be square

MOST – Hip to be square

MOST – Hip to be square
1st of August 2015 – 30th of August 2015
art is just a four letter word gallery
Markt 6, 59494 Soest

After over 20 years of graffiti writing and leaving his typographic marks in form of tags, throw up’s and pieces on walls and trains in multiple international cities, now it’s time for the young, talented artist MOST to hit the urban, contemporary art market.

“Hip to be square” – is flirting with this evolutionary step and is furthermore standing for the translation of his work: A new playground needs a new frame!
The format is carefully chosen but quite controversial to graffiti writing – the square doesn’t exist in the urban space. That is why in his first solo show he challenged himself by redefining his unique letters within the square. He is playing with the letters, transforms them into total abstraction – always being limited to the format.
MOST is pushing the boundaries of the traditional typographic by mostly using the same tools.

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