8th of July 2017 – 31st of August 2017
art is just a four letter word gallery
Markt 6, 59494 Soest

Following his first show in Soest two years ago, which the German artist MOST named after the song hip to be square, the current title nothing else letters reminds of another famous piece of music. While in 2015 special emphasis has been placed analogously on the square shape of the paintings the reference to the rock ballade allows a more intense discourse. Art historical indications, which contrast the relinquishment of figurativeness according to Kasimir Malewitsch against typographic experiments of Robert Indiana and support a superficially conceptional approach, imperceptibly stand back behind a more profound approach building on MOSTs origin and artistic aim.

Besides the experimental progress accompanying the translocation of his artistic works to the studio and therewith on the canvas he, however, sticks to his urban roots: Admittedly, it should not happen to be a mere imitation of the street graffiti – he feels that it is not enough to create graffiti en miniature –, but the characteristic style of the spray can needs to stay noticeable. From this results the vitality and esprit, which would distinguish his works from dead graphic works. Moreover, despite the maximum of reduction he does not regard his style as Minimal Art, he rather avoids any use of given art historical termini. MOST tries to approach Art, this huge word, whilst staying clear of fugacious trends to grow up in the romantic hope of immortality.

The conscious step into the gallery space marks on this journey a certain break, a zero point from which he started to advance into a direction he never planned. Considering his artistic origin MOST used this new perspective to change his former repertoire of arrows and other font extensions to partly geometrically dissolved basic forms and creative intertwining, which occasionally cannot be deciphered without knowing about the four-part artist name. Within the reduction MOST discovers a kind of meditation, which drives him from time to time to his limit of performance – as if nothing else matters.

The title on the legendary Black Album of the famous American metal band also occurred in the time of their reorientation. Long since the song degenerated into universal mainstream, a fate that is not desirable for the art of MOST, as it would not life up to his sensitive use of forms.

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