There are two features accompanying the oeuvre of the Dortmund based artist born in 1971: the affinity for a graphic style with geometric traits and for typographic constructions.

The former evolved from his father being architect, a heritage, which continues to have an effect on Masons works and shaped his orientation on nearly mathematical structures. Thus, his works on canvas follow definite rules, which demand among others regular width of beams and gaps in between them and aim at the symbiosis of the letters used being as attuned as possible. These letters are always the same: MASON.

He adopted this name at the beginning of his graffiti career and used it ever since as the core of and medium for his works. Developed from the ordinary tag this sequence of letters became his picture carrier, which needs to be molded and fashioned from scratch every time. Today for example, Masons complexly reduced style strongly differs from the vestiges he left on trains mainly in the 90s. To get there at all, he gathered insights and understanding on a way, which ran across graffiti in 1986.

In the age of 14 he initially accompanied schoolmates and discovered his fascination for spray cans. In the following years, he became a key player in the still young graffiti scene of Dortmund and developed his own style. Furthermore, he travelled to Amsterdam and New York and became part of the New Yorker crew TFP (The Fantastic Partner), which emerged in the 70s.

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