Alëxone Dizac

Alëxone Dizac tells his own personal stories by creating fantastic fairy stories with mystic characters. Fire-spitting horses, dogs and above all his manifold modified penguins appear as recurrent cartoon characters in his pictures. The artist makes their prolonged limbs grow together, deforms them and incorporates them into dynamic realms of fantasy, which grow up to surreal sceneries shaded with strong colours. In the early nineties Alëxone begins to crowd the streets of Paris with his so-called “oediperies” combining the iconic figures with colours and writings. Despite his love of experimentation, the colourful twisted creations have a high recall value. Influences of graffiti, pop culture, comic, byzantine and illustrated art culminate in them to become humorously ironic narrations. He appropriates a comparable diversity in the choice of the material he paints on, which range from valuable fabrics to photographs. What’s more, his creative energy does not stop for the world of fashion or gastronomy as he designs t-shirt prints and dessert creations as well.


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