Bruce is a French contemporary artist, best known for his colourful graffiti with cartoonish motifs. In the past, Bruce worked together with the artist Mina. Together, they created numerous murals around the world. The style of the duo has its roots in the early days of graffiti, which they changed and further developed through their own interpretations.
In 2018, Bruce started his own independent projects, continuing his current style.
The artist gives a clear reference to his graffiti within his works and uses partially spray cans as working material. In front of monochrome and flat colour fields, spreading in unregularly sizes over the canvas, consistently appear everyday objects, which exhibit such a static layout of the lines and bold choice of colour, that they seem totally out of place. They are pictured over dimensioned and show just a few trials to create an impression of depths. Black, thick brushstrokes under the objects suggest shadows and because of that they can anchor within these abstract spatial structures.

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