Cone The Weird

Colin Kaesekamp, a.k.a. Cone The Weird, is a German urban artist best known for being a part of a street art group called The Weird. Born in Munich, Cone The Weird began doing graffiti in 1993. Having access to collections of picture books, comics and well-illustrated professional literature he has been influenced early on. Already in his childhood, he was fascinated by the pictorial world veiled therein, their dichotomy and their inherent mythologies. Late medieval woodprints, paintings from renaissance through to surrealism, Victorian advertising and compositions of album covers all had impact on his artistic development. Regarding his illustration techniques his urge of knowledge was equally eclectic. With age his figures prevailed in his pictures and meanwhile they nearly exclusively characterize Cones motives.
Since 2006, he predominantly paints in black and white and concentrates on ink drawing. This is due to the notion to reduce effects in favour of the figure design’s and picture content’s fine-tuning. His exhibitions mainly show that kind of ink drawings, which became the trademark of Cone The Weird. In 2011, he is one of the founding members – together with nine other artists known as ROOKIE, DXTR, FRAU ISA, HERR VON BIAS, NERD & QBRK, LOW BROS, NYCHOS, LOOK, VIDAM – of the internationally and interdisciplinary operating artist collective The Weird.

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