David Radon

David Radon born 1975 in Neheim-Hüsten, started to paint actively graffiti in 1989. Restricted by justice and driven by the inner urge for creative work, Radon, who lives in Dortmund, made the decision to open to other media and to experiment with divergent materials – from brush to the fire extinguisher, from thread to the match. Until today he feels the need to continue to lose himself in what is called art. Today, this artist is well known for some awkward queries in his artworks – whether they are obvious or very subtle. In his piece titled Too much brown is shit – where Radon shares his concern about the currently growing acceptation of National Socialism, that awkward query is instantly visible for the viewer. But in others, such as Als ich ertrank (That time I drown) or Inside my behavior, David unveils a certain inner conflict; asking the questions that one can only answer when the solution was already found.

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