Egs’ career started in Helsinki during the late ‘80s and he was part of the country’s first graffiti movement. Until today he is the most famous graffiti sprayer from Finland and has achieved tremendous recognition through the years. Egs’ works are inspired by his travels, painting his name around the world and his strong interest in political history and geography, moreover in the formal and traditional fundaments of the culture „graffiti“ itself.
His predominantly black and white paintings, which he mostly generates on paper – in addition to the walls he paints internationally – are dealing with the ever changing political problems on earth and the issues of identity numerous cultures and social classes have for this reason.

Over the last 25 years, he has expanded his travels across five continents and has painted in over 40 countries. He got his inspiration from local graffiti scenes around the world and collected global graffiti folklore for his own work.

“Every wave, every star, drop or block I ever painted shows the traces of this graffiti anthropology. Each production is a reminder of one graffiti which I have seen. Every 3D image or bubble has its own story. Each of my works is a tribute to the great graffiti folklore.”


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