When Honet discovered graffiti for himself in Paris in 1988, he saw this form of artistic expression as a totally new approach of art, which for him perfectly represented the presence. Through his active work in urban space, his works since than became a reference in the Parisian graffiti scene. The artist draws inspiration from cult films, fairy tales, science fiction or even death. Thus, the French artist creates his own universes in which, for example, Skeletons cross like a carnival parade through ravaged landscapes. In his late works, Honet plays with lines, symbols and hieroglyphic-like signs and creates human figures out of them. Honet expanded his work in urban space around the gallery space in the 90s and transferred his artistic ideas to canvas and paper. Since then, his works have been exhibited worldwide and collaborations with other artist or companies, such as Lacoste and Louis Vuitton, consolidated his success.


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