Rookie The Weird

Humorously, sarcastically, quite often mockingly, the works of Robert Matzke reflect trivial everyday situations and own experiences. Sometimes they appear in an encrypted or metaphoric way, sometimes as a simple joke – almost always they are whimsical or even grotesque. Looking closely, his graffiti background is guessable, but nowadays, Matzke feels closer to lowbrow art and pop surrealism. His works combine techniques as well as materials and convey a premature and raw impression. Frequently the compositions appear random – snapshots without camera, on the scent of passing moments.

Matzke is a member of The Weird Crew, a group of artists from Germany and Austria. The crew was founded in 2011 and counts ten artists so far. They all come from a graffiti background but currently working as artists, illustrators, lecturers or graphic designers. The crew members are CONE, DXTR, FRAU ISA, HERR VON BIAS, NERD & QBRK are LOW BROS, NYCHOS, LOOK, VIDAM and, of course, ROOKIE.

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