Sobekcis is a duo of twin brothers born in Belgrade, Serbia, in 1991 working in many forms of visual expression. Already in their early childhood art and its ways of expression was a common interest for them.

It was possibly the first thing that both considered as something they would like to develop for the rest of their lives. Considering this it was only a matter of time that both worked together on this project. Till the start of high school they both developed their drawing skills each on their own personal way acquiring different sensibilities and approaches to art.

But due to their conjoint upbringing a unified style came just naturally. Realizing each other’s strengths and weaknesses they could develop an unselfish approach to art which helped to achieve better results and quicker problem solutions.

Starting their design studies in Belgrade they got in contact with the graffiti culture. As an opposite pole to that, the introduction into the world of studying art institutionally brought discipline to their work. Both realized that with graffiti they were a part of something bigger, part of a movement. Graffiti offered them new ways to project their work on a larger scale and in more haste then they were used to until then. Even though they were not aware of this at the moment graffiti changed their artistic approach for their whole life.

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