SWET – within the graffiti scene this name stands for continuity and masterpieces. Already 31 years ago the Danish artist made his first experiences with spray cans and shortly became one of the leading figures of the European graffiti movement. SWET created his own style by reducing his pieces to the basics without loosing diversity and harmony.  Because of his very loose and always changing letters he earned the nickname „King of Swing“. SWET is one of the remarkable style-writers who where there from the beginning on and who influenced international colleagues and next writer-generations. His book „SWET goes RED. 100 pieces in 100 days“, which he published in cooperation with Molotow in 2013, shows that SWET never lost his enthusiasm for graffiti. Quite the contrary – it indicates how crazy he still is about this artistic expression and how he has perfected the usage of the spray can. The pieces in the book, which are all reduced to red color, never loose intention, creativity and perfectionism in one of those 100 days. As many of his writer-colleagues quoted in the book, this project also shows SWET’s personality perfectly. He seems to be a person born with a spray can in his hand and he is always open-minded for crazy ideas. His pieces do visualize this character, this passion and devotion he owns for graffiti.

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